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Couple Therapy Session

Couples' Coaching

Premarital Counseling
Are you a couple that is just beginning your journey? What does it take to remain married in today's world?  We will explore what works and what does not . Together we will identify areas of strength in your relationship that will benefit your marriage throughout the years as well as areas that are worthy of your attention and focus as you enter into marriage. 
Pre married couples will take an online inventory called the FOCCUS inventory. (Facilitating Open Couple Communication and Understanding Study). This tool allows you each to answer questions about your relationship and your hopes for your marriage. We will explore the avenues of expectations, communication, problem solving, and areas worthy of exploration that can unite couples or create disconnection if there are disagreements related to them. These topics include finances, sexuality, spirituality, parenting, and extended families. 

If you are ready to affirm the love you have for one another, challenge you both to think deeply about your relationship, and motivate you to continue to enrich your marriage throughout the years you have together, please call to set up an appointment. 

Couples' Coaching
Would you like to strengthen your relationship? Sometimes we need to get back on track as a couple.
Are you ready for your relationship to be easier? Would you like less fighting and more love? Couple's coaching can nourish your marriage and enliven your love for one another. My husband, Richard and I work together with each couple allowing us to have sessions with all four of us as well as 1:1 sessions for deeper understanding. As we identify areas and opportunities for growth as a couple, you will be given tools to enrich your relationship. Our work is heavily influenced by the research and tools that John and Julie Gottman have developed over the years. Using methods that work and identifying and avoiding those interactions that do not. If you are looking forward to strengthening your relationship for yourselves and your family, please contact us to set up an appointment. We look forward to working with you both. Please visit our website at www.wedorelationships.com to find out more about our online programs and our 2:2 Coaching. 

 Many couples find married couple retreats to be the perfect avenue for nourishing their relationship. My husband and I have been married for 35 years and facilitating married couple's retreats for the past 22 years. Please check back for our upcoming retreats. 


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