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Grief and Loss

Are you reeling from a loss? Does the pain seem unbearable? Grief is a process that we adapt to the loss and counseling can help to ease the pain. Henry Wordsworth Longfellow once said, "There is no grief like the grief that does not speak". Exploring the love and loss helps to process the pain and organize the jumbled emotions that many experience during this difficult time. It is my honor to walk with others in their grief pain. Healing happens and a light reappears in the darkness. 


If you are in the midst of grief pain and would like to explore this love and loss, it would be my pleasure to walk with you on this journey. Please contact me at: [email protected] or 425-941-8880.

You will find that people grieve in different ways. You might feel as though individual grief work is best for you or you might feel as though a group would also help you to process the mixed up feelings that you are going through. It is a pleasure to work with people in grief support groups. Groups are available in the Fall and Spring at Sacred Heart Church - please contact me for further details.


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